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The city of Clark is located in Clark County, which can best be described as a sportsman's paradise. We have much to offer for the hunter as well as the fisherman. For the individuals who do not have permission on private land, Clark County offers some of the most public hunting of any counties. At present, we have about 20,000 acres of public lands and another 10,000 acres of walk-in areas on private land. The locations of these can be found in the Sportsman's Atlas or Walk-In Atlas, which can be found at our local hardware and convenience stores.

At present, Clark County is offering some of the best waterfowl hunting in years. With the recent increased liberal bag limits, the opportunities include Canadian Geese, a wide array of ducks, predominantly Mallards, and also Snow Geese. Speaking of Snow Geese, Clark County is in the major flyway for these geese when they migrate south. With our agricultural land, it offers plenty of feeding grounds for these birds as they fly south. They tend to stick around as long as the lakes don't freeze over. For out-of-state hunters, the waterfowl licenses need to be applied for during the summer in July.

Clark County boasts of its excellent hunting opportunities for the sportsman.  Our whitetail deer hunting with gun or bow provides for fun and enjoyment for local and out of state hunters.  The elusive Chinese Ringneck Pheasant is the state’s most popular game bird.  Clark County habitat is enhanced by the Clark County Pro Pheasant Organization.  Pheasant hunters enjoy the thrill of pursuing pheasants throughout the county.

South Dakota Hunting and Fishing Licensing Fees: Resident and Nonresident

Purchase a license online: Resident and Nonresident

Game, Fish, & Parks
Local Conservation Officer
114 N Commercial St




Those who need to present some other form of physical documentation You must purchase your license from a storefront agent, like those listed under "Get a License in Clark" if you are:
  • A Residency Declaration for Student and Military Personnel

  • Non-resident student attending school in South Dakota *Non-resident serving in the military stationed in South Dakota

  • Alternate ID for Non-US or Non-Canadian citizens)

For more information on Hunting in South Dakota:

For a list of public shooting areas in Clark County:

Get a license in Clark                                    
  • Desnoyers 
    123 N Commercial
    (General Licenses)
  • Greenfields Short Stop
    431 E 1st Ave
    (General Licenses)
  • HiWay Motel 
    408 1st Ave W
    (General Licenses, Tag Replacement, RD)
  • Oak Tree Lodge
    42563 168th St
    (General Licenses)

Please remember
Clark is an agricultural community, so adhere to the required hunting safety zone by staying 660 feet away from livestock ... as well as schools, churches and occupied dwellings.


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