Clark Area Chamber of Commerce

Annual Meeting Minutes 2/27/2019


Meeting was called to order at 6 PM by Melanie Smith. Present at the meeting were: Melanie Smith, Linda Seefeldt, Bill Krikac Tammy Rusher, Melissa Mudgett, Nichole DesLauriers, Cassi Kottke, Trevor Forest, Jessica Nordhus, Valorie Flatten, Christy Huisenga, Steve Hennings, Jason McHenry, Kathy McHenry.


Introduction of current board members was made and recognition of board members who have served previously and resigned this year. Current Board Members: President: Melanie Smith Vice President: Trevor Forest Treasurer: Melissa Mudgett Secretary: Nichole DesLauriers Board Members: Cassi Kottke, Bill Krikak, Tammy Rusher, Jessica Nordhus. Many thanks for years of service  to Board Members who resigned this year: Greg Furness, Clay Yeoman and Alissa Makens. Also a special recognition to Jeanette Warkenthein who has served as the secretary for the Chamber of Commerce and retired this year.


Previous meeting minutes were read by secretary DesLauriers, Motion to approve by Forest 2nd by Kottke


Treasurer’s Report read by Mudgett. Motion to approve by DesLauriers.


At this time board members did a recap of 2018 including a review of Potato Days, Rooster Rush, Eat Drink and Be Scary and the Holiday Promotion.


Revamped By Laws were presented and read to members present. Motion to approve by Kottke and 2nd by Krikak.


At this time the last board member position was put up for nomination. Trevor Forest nominated Jason McHenry to fill the open spot. McHenry accepted nomination. Motion to approve by Kottke and Second by DesLauriers.


At this time Christy Huisenga presented the new Chamber Website. And talked of potential upgrades to this site as well as upkeep.


Motion to adjourn by Trevor, Second by Krikak.


Next meeting to be Wednesday March 6th at 530 PM.