NW4 Sect.5, 119-59
Platted B-60
Survey done by Alene Heraty, John Rasmusson
Helped with records:Mrs. Charley Taylor, Mabel Fausch,
Sexton: Sharon Sauer – 55 Logan Ave, Willow Lake SD 57278
Ph- 625-2585
1985 – Updated: 7-11-2012
This is a community cemetery and is well taken care of by the caretakers, Charles and Delphine Taylor, they live in Crandall. On March 10, 1906 , Mrs. Emily Larrison, owner of the Oak Gulch Ranch deeded one-half acre of the NW1/4 section 5 for a cemetery in 1916. Records show the first burial was in 1918. A lot of the graves are unmarked and the dates aren’t always on the markers. The Warren 4-H Club keeps it mowed.