Clark Area Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes



Clark Area Chamber of Commerce met on March 6,2019 at 5:30 PM in the Dacotah Bank Basement. Board Members present were: Melanie Smith, Bill Krikac, Melissa Mudgett, Trevor Forrest, Nichole DesLauriers, Cassi Kottke, Jessica Nordhus, Tammy Rusher and Jason McHenry.


Meeting was called to order at 5:35PM by Melanie Smith.


Nichole DesLauriers added Membership Drive to the Agenda. No other additions to the the agenda were made. Motion to adopt agenda with the addition of Membership drive by Krikac 2nd by Kotte. Motion approved with all members voting aye.


Printed version of the previous meeting minutes were distributed to members present. Time was allotted for those present to read minutes. Motion to approve minutes by Kottke 2nd by Forrest. Motion approved with all members voting aye.


Treasurer’s report was given my Treasurer Mudgett. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report by DesLauriers 2nd by Kottke. Motion approved with all members voting aye.


Members present reviewed the Annual Meeting. Thoughts of members was that it went well, and although attendance was low, there is room to grow. Weather and rescheduling affected that number. But members present at Annual Meeting offered praise. Board extended a Thank You to Melissa Mudgett for organizing and preparing the affair. DesLauriers noted that she will note in Chamber Monthly To Do list to begin planning for Annual Meeting in November. Kottke noted to add City Council meeting attendance in July to that list also. No motions or votes needed for this portion of the meeting.


At this time the board discussed the building. Mudgett gave updates from Realtor on views/sale of the building as well as updates on budget standing for the building. No motions or votes needed for this portion of the meeting


The Business Directory of the website was brought up for discussion. It has been brought up numerous times the discussion of Business Listings on the website should be for paid members only. Motion by DesLauriers 2nd by McHenry that it be standard practice that only paid Chamber Members would be listed on the website. Motion carried with all members voting aye. DesLauriers noted that as web master and noting the late annual meeting this year any members not having dues paid by April 15th will be removed from Business Directory and all paid members will have a full listing. Future years cut off date will be decided by Board of Directors in the current year.


At this time the Public Calendar was discussed. Many different aspects were discussed and different scenarios produced. At this time a motion was put forward by Forest that only paid chamber members would be allowed to advertise on the Chamber website. 2nd by Mudgett. Motion carries with all members voting aye.


Previous 2 topics warranted conversation for the addition to the agenda of the Membership Drive. Discussion ensued on how to proceed with gaining member dues.  Motion to create a committee to head up and organize membership drive. Committee to be discussed in future agenda topic.


At this time President Melanie Smith deemed it necessary to do an election of officers before committee assignments.


Melissa Mudgett at this time acknowledged the time spent, hard work and knowledge of the 3 longest board members. Board acknowledges and thanks Melanie Smith, Bill Krikac and Melissa Mudgett for their time served. With a special thanks to Melanie Smith for her long term presidency. Mudgett at this time set forth a nomination of DesLauriers as President and Kottke as Secretary. Kottke countered with a nomination of Forest for President. DesLauriers nominated Mudgett for Treasurer. No more nominations were presented and nominations ceased. The 2 pending nominations for president were put up for written ballot vote, with the board voting that whomever was not president would proceed as Vice President. Ballots cast voted in favor of DesLauriers with 5 members voting DesLauriers and 4 Members voting Forest. Vote deemed DesLauriers- President, Forest – Vice President. Kottke- Secretary Mudgett-Treasurer. Inauguration of officers will be held at the April Meeting.


At this time committee heads were delegated as follows:

Membership Drive: Kottke Nordhus

Budget Committee: McHenry, Mudgett, DesLauriers

Potato Days: Kottke

Annual Meeting: Mudgett

Holiday: Forest

Fall: McHenry/ Rusher

Spring/ Summer- Nordhus


Committee heads were encouraged to enlist local chamber members to help with their event/events. And of course call on fellow board members to assist in any way.


Spring event ideas were discussed at this time, Nordhus, committee chair will be doing research  and present a plan to the board at the April meeting.


At this time marketing plan was discussed with Kottke leading conversation about local radio advertising. Discussion ensued about current marketing budget and where/how money shall be spent. Discussion tabled until next meeting.


No other comment or announcements were made.


Motion to adjourn by Forest and 2nd by Kottke. Motion approved will all votion aye at 7:30 PM


Next meeting scheduled for April 4th 2019 at 530 PM.