The Clark Area Chamber of Commerce met on October 5th 2018 at 12 Noon in the Dacotah Bank basement.


Present were: Alissa Makens, Cassi Hemmingson, Melanie Smith, Nichole DesLauriers, Bill Krikac, Trevor Forest and Cassi Kottke.


Previous meeting minutes were read by Melanie Smith . Motion to approve by Trevor Forest 2nd by Alissa Makens


Secretary/ Treasurer report was read by Melanie Smith. Motion to approve by Cassi Kottke and 2nd by Alissa Makens


Old Business:

Upcoming Eat, Drink and Be Scary event was discussed and plans. No action needed.


New Business:


Melanie Smith reported that due to health reasons Jeanette Warkenthien is retiring affective immediately. Motion to accept resignation made by Trevor Forest with a 2nd from Cassi Kottke.


Discussion pursued about the position and job duties. Group decided to temporarily absorb the position with in the board until further research could be done. Motion to appoint Nichole DesLauriers as interim Secretary first by Melanie Smith and 2nd by Cassi Kottke.


Motion by Bill Krikac  and second by Trevor Forest to add Melissa Mudgett to the bank account and Motion by Alissa Makens and Second by Bill Krikak to appoint her interim Treasurer.


Cassi Kottke and Melanie Smith volunteered to be on a committee to gather information on previous job duties.


Cassi Kottke brought information on advertising with KXLG. The salesman had approached her. We tabled any decisions on this until next budget year.


Dean Hilmoe  had approached Nichole DesLauriers about the Chamber supporting his Small Business Saturday, Everyone commented how successful this was and decided to support this. Motion by Cassi Kottke and 2nd by Alissa Makens to donate to $100 to some kind of business promotion to be created by Nichole DesLauriers and Dean Hilmoe.


Melanie Smith spoke about the upcoming Christmas Celebration  and Clark Buck give away for the punch cards. She will continue to head up this project and order punch cards.


Discussion continued about the bylaws, budget and annual membership meeting. All in attendance were in agreement that it would be tough to accomplish this without a meeting devoted specifically to this. The Chamber of Commerce board members will have a work night on October 17th, 2018 at 530 PM to go through and complete changes and adjustments. Meeting will be located at Clark Insurance Agency.


Motion to adjourn by Trevor Forest Second by Cassi Kottke.


Meeting adjourned at 1:10.