Clark Area Chamber of Commerce

11/2/2018 Minutes


Meeting was called to  order at 12:05 by President Melanie Smith.

Present were: Melanie Smith, Melissa Mudgett, Nichole DesLauriers, Cassi Kottke, Tom Labrie.


Nichole DesLauriers distributed the previous meetings minutes and they were reviewed, Motion by Kottke  and 2nd by Mudgett to approve Minutes


Melissa Mudgett, interim treasurer, gave a treasurer’s report. Motion by DesLauriers and Second by Kottke to accept Treasurer’s report.


Old Business


  1. Eat Drink and Be Scary: Nichole DesLauriers reported 20 participants in Eat Drink and Be Scary. Good report from participants some talk of possibly moving the time and date and that the walking distance was a bit much. Now with a good report and exposure, looking to be bigger next year.
  2. Rooster Rush. The Clark Area Chamber hosted a Rooster Rush challenge and challenged both businesses and residents to decorate the town and create a welcoming environment for hunters. The challenge was accepted and well participated in. 1st place winners were Dacotah Bank as a business and Nan Bell as a resident. 1st place was awarded $75 in Clark Bucks, 2nd Place winners were: Fjelland Law/Clark Abstract Title, business and Norman and Delma Wallen, residence which were awarded $25.00 in Clark Bucks. All other participants received a Rooster Rush T Shirt and a Thank You from the Chamber. Nichole DesLauriers and Melanie Smith will be submitting Clark for the Cracklin Community Award
  3. Building Updates- Melissa Mudgett reported that there were no offers on the building. Discussion ensued that required Executive Session, motion by Smith, 2nd by Mudgett to enter into Executive Session from 1215- 1220.
  4. Secretary/Treasurer Duties- Tabled until next meeting with more members present.
  5. Small Business Saturday-  Discussion about the Chambers sponsorship for the Vendor Fair, encouraging participants to frequent local businesses that same Saturday. Punch card theme again with a full punch card being entered to drawing for $100 in Clark Bucks. Also The Chamber will be sponsoring an ad in the newspaper highlighting the businesses that will be open that day and their specials, also highlighting the vendor fair in town, featuring numerous small businesses.


New Business

    1. Alissa Bjerke was scheduled to be on agenda but due to work conflicts was  unable to attend. Nichole DesLauriers relayed information about Alissa’s concerns with advertising for events and determining events over a calendar year that could be held.  Bjerke noted that many businesses are doing their budget for 2019. Board agreed with Alissa’s concerns and will set a budget for all advertising at upcoming Budget meeting. DesLauriers voiced that she would like to see a few board members take an event and form a committee from the membership to help make them be the best that they can be. Discussion also ensued about moving meetings to be after 5 PM to promote more member attendance.


  • Tom Labrie- I Grow – Tom presented information to the Board from GROW SD and the Small Business Development Center about hosting business trainings in our community. Discussion ensued about doing toward the end of winter/ beginning of spring when more people could attend. Carla Burns will be our contact and will need 2 months heads up to set up the event. The Chamber could coordinate with Dacotah Bank and the School


    1. Christmas In Clark Promotion–  Date will be December 15th Melanie has confirmed that the legion is open and able for us to use. Christmas Memories cards will be distributed to businesses the week of Thanksgiving.


  • Budget-  There will be a special meeting for the Board of Directors on Nov 14th beginning at 4:30 PM to set budget for 2019 budget year.


    1. Annual Meeting- Notice of Annual Meeting will be set up by next Board Meeting availability emails will be sent to board members.


  • Dues Letter/Newsletter-  Kottke will be drafting a new Dues letter to be sent out to members as soon as possible, DesLauriers will work on a newsletter to be sent with Dues letter.



Motion to adjoun: Mudgett  Second: Smith


Meeting adjourned at 1:10.