Platted: B-15
Survey done by Alene Heraty
Sexton: Woodrow Holida
RR l, Box 51A, Vienna, SD
1966-Updated 8-02-2012
ST. PATRICK’S CEMETERY – NAPLES is ¼ mile east of the church off of the road or 3/10 mile east of the Holida farm driveway; Holida farm is the second place south of the Naples Lutheran Church. In 1908, John and Jennie Foy of Nebraska legally gave the land for the cemetery. There were burials there in the late 1880’s.

There are 22 graves that have a headstone. There are graves that aren’t marked and graves that have been moved. In 1951, they put a new fence around it and moved the gate to the southwest corner; before it was in the middle on the west side. The township helped with this.

Now, the cemetery is in bad shape. There is no caretaker, the fence needs to be repaired, there are holes all over and grass and weeds 3 to 4 feet tall. The road to the cemetery is almost impassable.