The Clark Community and the Clark Chamber of Commerce welcomes their new member IntelliFarms!
“IntelliFarms Northern Division is a full line dealer for IntelliFarms. We have a full line of products to assist the farm all the way from seed selection to marketing your grain. Our number one product is the BinManager which is the industry’s leading grain bin management solution. In the Clark office we have two employees along with nine employees in the Britton office, and an additional six salespeople in the North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota area. IntelliFarms was created souly to assist farms and make sure that those who own the dirt, have the power. We at Intellifarms take pride in our small town roots, with that being said it only made sense to branch out to another small town where we could try to make a difference. Every weekday we have coffee brewing and some days we may even have some snacks so please feel free to stop in for coffee and say hello to Kaylee O’Brien (Customer Relations) and Evan Ogren (Sales/Manager). “- Kaylee O’Brien
Please stop in and welcome these folks to our amazing little town!