Clark Area Community Foundation

Our Mission – The Clark Area Community Foundation is committed to enrich the quality of life in the Clark area by:
– Building an endowment fund for the future.
– Serving donors with many different interests.
– Serving as a resource and catalyst for charitable purposes.
– Assessing and responding to community needs.


The Clark Area Community Foundation is a nonprofit, public organization, created to attract and distribute charitable funds for the benefit of the Clark area community. The foundation was formed in 2007 by a committee of local citizens.  Through a challenge grant presented by the South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF), the Clark Area Community Foundation began with an initial goal of raising $75,000. Once the goal was reached, the SDCF gave Clark Foundation and additional $25,000.  As a community foundation, the Foundation is a collection of funds from organizations, families, individuals and businesses that seek to improve the quality of life in the Clark Area. As of 2024, the Clark Area Community Foundation has over $2,700,000. These funds are deposited into an endowed, permanent fund.


Together, these contributions are an effective and growing charitable financial resource with which, we can build a better community and enhance the lives of Clark Area citizens.  

Company Overview

Gifts contributed to the Clark Area Community Foundation are held within the South Dakota Community Foundation. The total SDCF endowment of over $300 million is invested by the SDCF’s investment manager. Grants are made available to local foundations in January of each year.


In 2008 the Clark Area Community Foundation had a local couple challenge us to raise $100,000 and we would receive $25,000, which was accomplished. That year, the community of Clark received the Philanthropic Community of the Year Award from the Association of Professional Fund Raisers. A plaque is prominently displayed in the Ullyot Building.


Grants Award:

As of 2024, the Clark Area Community Foundation has given grants to local organization, and individuals in the amount in over $400,000. Some include: Clark Rotary, Clark Lions, Clark Golf Club, 4-H Leaders, Willow Lake Daycare, Boy Scouts, ICAP, Amazing Grace Daycare, CAT group, Clark fireman, Raymond Firehall, Raymond Playground, Several Scholarships, Special Olympics, Snow queen contest, Clark Softball park, Willowlake Wellness Center, Clark Cemetery, Clark Historical Organization and many more.

If you would like to receive a grant from the Clark Area Community Foundation please fill out a application.

We invite you to find out more about the Foundation and how you might give through it to accomplish your philanthropic Mission.


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