Potato Days

The potato is king in Clark, South Dakota where local farmers grow bushels of the tasty tuber.  That’s why, each year, the town throws a party in honor of its favorite over-used, under-appreciated starch.

Mr. Potato Head is proud of Clark’s celebration, and will be making an appearance at this year’s festivities.  The locals vie for top honors in a Best Decorated Potato Contest. Past winners included an astronaut, farmer, race cars, and tooth.  The  Potato Dish Cooking Contests always bring out the best cooks in the county.  And, the highlight of the celebration involves grown adults wrestling each other in mashed potatoes! 

Besides all the potato stuff, the event features those small-town festival activities that keep families and regular folks coming back year after year.

Potato Day Headquarters will be located at the Dickinson Park.  Information on activities and eating places for the day will be available, as well as souvenirs.