½ mile west of Garden City
Eden Twp., Sec 7-117-56
Platted but not recorded
Survey done by Aileen Luckhurst, Rose Geise, Alene Heraty
Sexton – Douglas Loomis
PO Box 97, Garden City, SD 57236 Updated: 7-11-2012
The cemetery was established in 1899 when there was in need of a burial place for a boy seven or eight years old by the name of Johnnie Peterson. His parents were Albert and Emma Peterson and his father ran a blacksmith shop in the town. Other children in the family included Bill, Eddie, Charlie Oscar and Mary who married Ole Haug. Mr. R.S. Carpenter donated the land for the cemetery which was originally a portion of a “tree claim” The land was covered with boxelder stumps which the cemetery was established.